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a(nother) day in the life

Mama on the couch with Zion, Rascal, and Harvey crowding around

a little more full

So it looks like Zion likes it here well enough; I guess he's planning to stay. We spent a pretty low-key day just hanging out, but as you can see from the photo above the house feels a little bit more full than it did a couple days ago.

Zion scrunched up in the sling

first time outside!... -ish

Of course, we can still go outside! The first sunny day of Zion's life meant that Leah could bring him out for a little airing; well, as much air as he could get in there in that sling. So far he likes it rather better than Harvey ever did, but he likes the Moses basket less so it's kind of a wash. All in all, we're a little surprised at how different he is than Harvey—not that we can really remember Harvey at that age. Leah reminded me this evening that Harvey didn't start crying until he was a couple days old, so we shouldn't get used to Zion's easy newborn ways. Cause for now, most of the time he looks like this:

Zion looking comatose

tough life!

He doesn't like getting his diaper changed, so we hear some complaining then, but other than that it's pretty easy to forget he's even there. Harvey's helped in that regard by turning up the personality: by turns excited and engaging, and despairingly jealous (happily, mostly the former). Keeps life interesting, that's for sure!


Isn't it weird that the addition of a little tiny person can make the house feel so much fuller? I hope you guys are enjoying your baby moon.

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