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almost 2 weeks

I've wanted to write many blog posts in the past few days but have been too bleary-eyed. My boys are determined to never sleep at the same time as one another. Here they are, forming a secret alliance against sleep.

harvey and zion hold hands

block against the enemy

The terms of which are as follows: if one sleeps, the other must constantly demand food or drink.

harvey and zion in bed

more please mama?

I wore them out this morning, though, with a trip to the bank and Staples which culminated in an overly long snack-break at Dunkin Donuts because the so-called fast-food chain made me wait 20 minutes for an egg-and-cheese sandwich and then delivered it without cheese. Emboldened by my starving 2-year-old I made them give me my money back and another sandwich. While we ate our free replacement sandwich, a crazy veteran quizzed me on the ages of my children and then asked me sideways if I was pregnant again. I told him no, I just gave birth 13 days ago and he told me to exercise. I told him to go fuck himself. Actually I didn't. I gave him a look that indicated that he should go fuck himself, something that I've become quite good at since I became a mom.

More evidence that as much as I need to deposit checks I should never leave the house again, at least not for the strip malls of Bedford, at least not without snacks in hand. Still, it earned me a 2-hour nap for both of them, so much is the stimulation of stores and low-quality egg-and-cheese.

Motherhood, I am not winning. But surviving feels pretty good today.


That first picture is just so sweet!

It's a thing with Harvey — he askes "kissy baby?" all the time, and if I say no because the baby's sleeping he says "hold da baby's hand?" Yeah, I guess they make up for the sleeplessness by being adorable.

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