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i. can't. do. anything.

List of things that are included in anything:

folding laundry

okay, so I'm sort of blogging now. Don't think that I somehow got lucky and my two children actually fell asleep at the same time. One is sleeping while the other is (gasp) watching a show. I only justify it because I spent the last two hours sewing with him standing behind me on the chair pressing the buttons on my machine while the other child fussed on my lap. The product is quite possibly the messiest baby-doll carrier that was ever produced, but it's finished. Maybe one day I'll take some photographs of it, which I'll then never be able to take off my camera because I CANT DO ANYTHING!

I remember this gets easier at some point... 3 months? 6 months? 18 months? Yeah, I think I got back to normal productivity levels at about 18 months...

Okay, so not this christmas but NEXT christmas...


Yes, I remember those days. I used to feel super productive if I could take a shower. It's a great sacrifice to raise babies.

oh, we're supposed to be productive after we have kids? crap. ha ha ha Although this week I've been trying to sew with an 8 month old on my lap. sadly it's not that much worse than my normal crappy sewing. oppps

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