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life can be a bear...

As Dan mentioned yesterday, we went through a rather tough patch recently. In addition to Dan's woes, Harvey was sick for a a week while Zion peed through an outfit every twenty minutes. At one point I held up a basket said "Harvey, can you just vomit directly onto the clean laundry? It would save me the trouble of putting it away." And I don't even want to talk about the diaper and baby clothes laundry... the realization that 12 onesies is not enough onesies for 1.5 days... goodness.

At dinner on Monday night we sat down to pray and Dan took a deep breath and said "Lord, we throw ourselves on your mercy." I burst out laughing but upon reflection it felt about right.

Praise be to God, mercy seems to be arriving. Harvey is finally back to his happy healthy self, and while Zion is going through his own bout of intestinal distress, it seems blessed that at least they didn't both do it to me at the same time. Meanwhile Harvey has been delightful, reminding me that I did give birth to lovely little gentlemen, not whailing demons. And I have managed to routinize washing 6 loads of laundry a day. You know, as long as I don't have to ever buy food. It's a process.

It seems to go in waves, whether life is delightful or unbearable. So much depends on the weather and whether there are naps. Still, as the rhyme says, when it's good it's very very good.

Harvey and Zion in their panda bear shirts on the hammock

my bears

Today on the hammock, my two future animal rights activists, before Harvey spit strawberry juice down his shirt and Zion had a major poopy leak that also took the bjorn out of commission. Oh well, that's what cameras are for.


I love the picture! Can you guys just go naked for a while? Or just in diapers?

It was super cold here for a while, over the period in question. I think the high for the last week was around 60. We're back to summer weather now though, so nothing but diapers is definitely a possibility in the next few days.

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