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summer Saturday

Harvey eating a chip at the beach

chips at the beach

Beach, ice cream, and dinner with friends: that's summer vacation!

Zion and his friend Nathan sleeping outside in their carseats

summer vacation is hard work

Ice cream not pictured because all the youngsters slept through it, or almost: Harvey woke up after we had finished so we got him his own (and some more for us for later!), but it was kind of a bad scene. Half an hour in the car is not sufficient nap after several hours of beach. But a little television and playing trains with Tim—and then a whole lot of dinner—made everything better. We'll all sleep well tonight!


Nathan is STILL wide awake and ready for another play date, like, right now. Anyone awake over there at 10pm to play?

No, we were all cozied up in bed by then. But Harvey (and so Mama) were up at 5:15... does that count?

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