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ill-timed bounty

a bunch of vegetables and a beer bottle

beer bottle included for scale

We're getting ready to leave on Friday for our annual camping adventure. Super exciting; the only bad part is missing some vital harvesting time. The squashes and cucumbers are coming in fast and furious, and beans are starting to get going. The picture above is just one day's take, although as you can tell from their size I could have picked those zucchinis a couple days earlier. I prefer to wait until I have a big load of produce to make an impressive picture.

Among the thousand things to do tomorrow is pick everything that can be picked and preserve what I can manage to preserve. We'll see. I only hope the tomatoes wait until we're back before ripening!


Those look like pickle cucumbers!

The ones on the right are, yep. I'm hoping to get them pickled before we go... We'll see if I manage.

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