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be vewy quiet... I'm hunting houses

More news from the house-hunting front, if anyone cares; it's all I can really think about right now I confess. We had dinner with Leah's parents and in the course of the conversation they expressed their opinion that we had no cause to be stressed out, since after all we weren't going to end up on the street! Which is very true, and which we sure appreciate. But our stress doesn't come from being afraid we won't have a place to live, it comes from not having a place that's our proper home. We don't have one now, really, because we no we have to move out of this place at a certain point, so we have a small and shrinking emotional investment here. And every time we find a new house that we might want, especially when we go so far as to bid on it, we start the process of investing emotionally in that particular house. And when we end up not getting it we have to start all over again.

Anyways, the search today led to a brick tudor dwelling up the hill where the latest cape is, only not so far up. It's kind of little and small, and also it's brick, which is something I'm not a fan of. All told, my response was a solid 'meh.' I'd survive living there, but I'm not hugely enthusiastic. Other properties will be pursued. There was one we just found online this evening that purported to be in Lexington, 1459 square feet on 0.16 acres, for only $429,000.00. Impossible? Yes: the listing was in error, and the house is actually in Waltham, where four twenty nine is a more usual price. In Lexington you might be able to get something for that price, but it would be a tent. And there's another place that looks good but it has a graveyard in the backyard, and there's one that's just perfect but it's five thirty nine, and... you get the picture. The search goes on. We'll see at least one more place tomorrow, hopefully more.

What happened to the other place, you ask? The cape, that we actually bought? Well, they're working to ascertain the breadth of the termite damage, and then fixing it, and after that we'll take another look. Personally, I hope we get another place before then, because the thought of washing all our dishes by hand for five years makes my skin just all prune up right here at the keyboard. Yeah, the work would be good for me, I'm sure. Maybe we could get paper plates.

On an unrelated note, I have to go back to work on Monday. If I continue staying up this late, I will not survive. I may not anyways. If you don't hear from me, send for the search and rescue.

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