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routine adjustment

I went back to work today, and Leah was glad to get me out of the house (Harvey and Rascal missed me, though; Zion didn't care). I had forgotten how much time working takes, and I don't even work quite full time. How on earth do people ever get anything done?! Seems like I only just got home when and it was time to eat dinner and put the kids to bed; I don't know how I'm ever going to get this chicken coop finished! Although I suppose it will help that tomorrow and Thursday are half days and I have both Friday and Monday off for Labor Day. They like to ease us into the school year.

As for blogging, who knows when I'll ever have time. I'll have to start doing some writing on my lunch breaks.


Try adding soccer practice and homework into the two hours between getting home and putting the kids to bed. It's tough! It's good that they ease you into the school year. James and I were just remembering how we used to ease into school around labor day. Around here the start in early Aug and it's straight into a full week of school.

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