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When I read the comments on Soule Mama I lose all will to live—or at least to make any effort at creating a vibrant website that reflects the activities and interests of our family in an entertaining and reliably periodical fashion. So many people writing blogs out there that are somehow more popular than ours by an order of magnitude or two despite each filled with the same inanities as any other. At least our inanities are unique! I am bitter, bitter. I feel the same way when I'm passed by another cyclist.

It's horrible of me, I know: I should be rejoicing in the outpouring of creativity by thousands of people worldwide who want to live a more authentic lifestyle. They're all knitting and baking and getting chickens just like us—and, Leah tells me, moving to farms. Surely this is a good thing? But they're none of them cynical enough for me. Too much woo.

Bah humbug.


i posted a comment but it didn't show up :(
does your site automatically filter comments with links in them?

my comment said that underground blogging is the new underground hip hop. i don't want to be reading the same blogs as the commenters on that other site. then i tried linking to to this comic:

every word of this post made me laugh outloud. every. word.

But where's your sappy picture of a child holding a chicken run through a cheap photoshop filter? I think this post is missing something...

Jake: yeah, the comment machine automatically eats comments with "<a hre f" or "[ur l" (minus the spaces, of course; the first time I tried to post this explanation my own comment fell victim to the filter!). As you saw naked urls work fine, and there's also a secret way to post links that I'll fill you in on next time we're hanging out. ;)

Oh, and I should say for the not-cut-and-paste-inclined among us: Dinosaurs!

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