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terrible horrible no good very bad day

So. We have a two-thousand dollar fence that can't keep the dog in, and two exhausted children who can't nap, and maybe these things are related because in the middle of trying to put Zion to seep I find myself running down the street IN MY SOCKS holding a leash and a screaming baby because Rascal is CHASING THE NEIGHBOR'S CAR.

Also, I lost Zion's favorite hat on my errands this morning and it's enough to make me want to kill myself. Why does buying groceries have to be, like, a harrowing death march? So terrible that when in the car I noticed the hat missing I thought to myself I would rather be burned at the stake right now then get these two out of their car-seats.

Teething. I. haven't. slept. in. a. week.

That hat matched his snow suit even. It's enough to make you want to serve chocolate chips for lunch.

Some days are not so great.

UPDATE: Reclaimed the hat, and Harvey even fell asleep on the walk! So there is grace in the universe...

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