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shhhhh, it's a surprise

Dan's birthday is tomorrow, and i got him a very nice present which will remain a secret until this evening. We are going out to dinner at the very fancy Hartwell House in Waltham; Dan's parents are taking us there to check out the gormet food and also to see if we want to book the space for our rehearsal dinner (yikes! wedding planning finds me wherever i try to hide!)

I asked Dan whether he wanted his present tonight for the party or tomorrow for the actual birthday, and he said tonight because presents go better with cake. Judy is making him a chease cake, his favorite type, which i made last year and mucked up miserably. I asked Dan wouldn't he be sad not getting a present tomorrow on his actual birthday, and he said, "But i get to wake up next to you, and waking up next to you is the best present i could ever get."

Yeah he really said it, and don't you laugh! What a little sweet talker he is! I'll take it!

Reason number 784836 that i love dan: He makes lines like this sound genuine.

Happy un-birthday, Dan!

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