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crafting receipts and vacation's end

Rascal on the couch with his chin on Harvey's Hannukah monster

he enjoys Harvey's Hannukah present

Rascal doesn't know it yet, but vacation is over. For me, anyways; I guess he's pretty much on permanent vacation and you very well may find him in the same spot tomorrow. Harvey will probably have taken back his monster, though: that's the purple object on which Rascal is resting his chin. We're highlighting our own crafting here, but a few awesome people crafted for us too. Well, for the boys, which is all that matters, right?

From Leah's cousin-in-law Arthur Harvey got a knitted purple monster that's a perfect size for toddler hugging, which he immediately did. It was also in his bed its first night home, but as the photo above shows it made its way downstairs where Rascal was able to appreciate the coziness. Our friend Amy crocheted a pair of monkeys for Zion and Harvey, each of which was marked with the appropriate initial. Not only are they super silly and cute, I will also credit them with teaching Harvey his letters. Today he picked out a small wooden 'z' from the box and said, "It's a 'z' for Zion!". Of course, when he says for somebody it means he actually wants to give it to them, which I had to stop: that little letter had choking hazard written all over it! (well, one letter of that phrase, anyways). But the intention was good, not to mention the pre-reading skills!

Speaking of which, I'm not super excited to go back to teaching children who are not my own tomorrow, and my body has chimed in with its agreement by coming down with quite a fever. Leah's sick of me, though, so hopefully a good night's sleep will see me fit and ready for the trenches again. If nothing else I can keep popping Tylenol. Man those things really work; I never would have got this blog post out otherwise! Now to bed.

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