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Parenting right now

Zion is a very busy boy these days. Crawling around the floor (after a fashion), seeing what things he can open or alternatively put in his mouth, and saying "Ba Ba Ba" all the time. It seems he's following Harvey's plan for talking, which is to say he's gonna pretty much vocalize non stop until it starts making sense. Which means in four months I'm going to need a sensory deprivation chamber. Just kidding. I can always go lock myself in the chicken coop. Just kidding. I'm thinking about joining a gym. I can lock the kids in the chicken coop.

Harvey, meanwhile, is kind of amazing me with his level of intellectual processing. The things that come out of his mouth reflect a level of thinking that seems to grow exponentially every day. "We go to the post office then whole foods? Is whole foods close to the post office?" or "The moon is following us! We're goin this way, moon!" or looking at seed catalogues "Do you want some chocolate? I was thinkin about growing chocolate. Can we grow chocolate?" or telling jokes: "a,b,c,d,N??? Hahaha! a,b,c,d,N?! Haha! N is funny!"

harvey face closeup

so many thoughts in there.

Also, when he's eating a muffin at Whole Foods and he drops a piece on the floor he says, "Are there no dogs here?" Which I find endlessly amusing. Imagine a world in which stray dogs run around Whole Foods licking their chops in expectation of dropped samples.

Of course there are some challenges we're dealing with these days too. Harvey is suddenly anxious of kids, stairs, car rides and going anywhere without Mama, to the point of disability. Zion is waking up every two hours in the night, to the point of MY disability. I have no formal plans of attack here except wait and see, because every formal plan I come up with somehow sounds much more traumatic than wait and see.

zion smiling in the high chair

winning smile

On the plus side, Zion finally started eating real food. Harvey is, as always, a champion eater. Which is good because I feel much better bribing with food than with television. We're only watching an hour of TV a week on average, which makes me feel pretty darn good, though terrified of getting sick or pregnant. Harvey doesn't nap anymore and both children are fairly needy, so by 6pm I'm pretty much asleep on my feet. My red and throbbing feet.

As challenging as it is to be a full-time mama to two very young children, there's nothing I'd rather be doing. Yes I'm guilty of getting caught up in the stresses and irritation of day-to-day household management (What do you MEAN your pants are wet? That's the FIFTH PAIR TODAY!). But when the laundry is folded and I sit down to read a story I remember that these are the two most precious angels in the entire universe and I am beyond blessed that they live in my house with me.

harvey and zion getting ready to go out

the duo


Noah is obsessed with this post. He keeps on pointing at Harvey and saying "Ha—vi—o" and laughing.

I love this post Leah! What an excellent update! ... LOL @ "abcdN" & no dogs @ whole foods! Very cute!

I am back to work after 4 whole wonderful, amazing months at home with Vivian. I'd love to catch up sometime for a walk and a chat... maybe a Saturday morning when the weather is good.

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