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we hit the road

my new 1970s Rampar machine, with kid seat

new to me

I got a new bicycle a week ago, and a good bit of the intervening time has been spent in first making it rideable, and then making it rideable for Harvey. He was an eager helper in the project, and we finished it yesterday (and immediately took a test ride, of course!). So when Leah suggested we all go out today, we enthusiastically agreed. We seem to be doing photos lately, so here's the story of our adventure in pictorial form.

Harvey and me getting ready for a winter ride

geared up and ready to go

We set out in high winds and scattered flurries, just the thing for Mama's first post-Zion bike ride. She was pulling the trailer, too. You'll see that Harvey brought a friend.

Harvey's doll reposing in the kid seat

along for the ride

There were a few obstacles in our path.

Harvey and me climbing over fallen tree-trunks

cyclocross style

And long-unused equipment needed some minor repairs along the way.

Harvey posing with a rear wheel

bike mechanic

But we made it to our destination, lovely Lexington Center, where we warmed up and relaxed in the children's room at the library.

Zion playing at the Lexington library

well-read and well-puzzled

Despite a break from cycling of well over a year and some vicious headwinds on the way home, Leah was still smiling at the end of the voyage.

Leah on the bicycle towing the trailer

journey's end

And Zion was zonked out. There's something about that trailer...

Zion sleeping in the bike trailer

it's like magic

So now our whole family is able to travel by bicycle (well, except for Rascal; sorry boy). Expect to see us out again soon and often... after the weather warms up a little more.


photographic evidence that I finally added the sleeve ribbing to Zion's vest! I did it for Harvey's vest too but he never wears the thing. That's what happens when you get old enough to pick out your own clothes... including Dada's turtle I guess, apparently.

I passed it on to him. It's his turtle now! (Note that all those photos are from last winter—we haven't really had much cause to wear turtles this year. Mittens neither; but we wanted both today!)

And Zion is wearing Noah's hat (kind of)! Yay. It's good to see you guys on the road. Do you think Zion will be ok in the bike seat soon? We're still major beginners in biking with Noah.

We'll probably keep Zion in the trailer for a while, just because that's how the family dynamic works out. We can't put a seat on Leah's bicycle (I had to get a new one cause we couldn't put one on my other one either) and it's nice to have the extra cargo capacity of the trailer (especially when I'm not the one pulling it!). Actually what we have to look out for now is Harvey exceeding the design weight of the seat—but that shouldn't happen for a while unless he has a major growth spurt.

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