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a video for the Jesus Project

I made this movie for The Jesus Project, a thing our church is doing over Lent which charges us to to try some sort of creative project about Jesus. I thought I'd make a movie about talking faith with my kids. Which of course didn't work. So instead I made a movie about that not working.


It took me a long time to get the footage and an even longer time to sort through it, which is my excuse for the rather poor editing. Still, I'd rather something crappy soon than something perfect never, and I think Jesus is with me on this.


This is so great! Thanks for sharing! I feel inspired to try something like that with my 3.5 year old! What fun!

definitely a hit with Nathan! (and a good reminder for mama)

It's beautiful. Noah loved it too, he kept saying "Baby, baby!". I like the scissors supporting role in the beginning. and I like very much when Zion joins in the singing.

Thanks Leah. Awesome stuff.

nice! finally got around to watching it, very fun

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