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birthday boy Zion

Zion among his birthday presents

"what's this one?!"

We had a birthday party for Zion. We told people not to bring presents, but they mostly did anyways. Zion was delighted with all of them, and so was Harvey, who raked in a fair amount of loot himself. How does that work?

the invitation to zion's party

the invitation

We prepared things in a rather more low-key manner than we did for Harvey's first birthday; I suppose everything is more low-key the second time. We were also distracted by the chicken stress.

the cake: white with colored sprinkles and a candle in the shape of a 1

yellow cake with lemon frosting and blueberry jam between the layers

We made the cake and a minimum of food, but treats brought along by the guests managed to keep 26 people (including us) in a delightful party spirit.

Zion in his highchair with his cake

good stuff

Zion did great: he enjoyed himself and showed off his sparkling personality to all and sundry. Harvey was wonderful as well, helped perhaps by the fact that Zion is not yet entertaining enough to be able to claim all the attention for himself. They each only cried once over the course of the 4.5-hour party. Look at them getting along together:

Zion and Harvey drawing with chalk on the porch

tic tac toe?

Thanks to all who came, and happy birthday Zion!

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