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ignoring authorial intent

The latest library book hit here at our house is The Wump World, by Bill Peet. It's an environmental tale about a race of peaceful herbivores—the Wumps—whose planet is overrun by destructive little humanoids called Pollutians. Yes, pretty obvious, but the writing is good and the art is wonderful. The only problem is, Harvey is far more interested in the Pollutians' world-destroying construction machines than he is in the idea of a calm, verdant paradise. Oh well, I guess he has plenty of time for environmentalism later. And the machines are pretty snazzy looking.


That seems to be a common problem. Luke Skywalker (no relation) is whiny and has a thing for his sister. Darth Vader is badass and has a cool helmet and if you fail him, it may be for the last time. Who do you want on a t-shirt? This is why Star Wars needed Han Solo, I guess.

It occurs to me that you, Dan, may not have seen Star Wars, I never know with you guys.

If you're looking for some significantly uncool bad guy, for stories where there can be no mistake about who is more interesting, I recommend the Fantastic Four's villain: Mole Man.

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