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I had a great day with the boys yesterday and my sour mood seems to have evaporated. I credit several things: 1) answered prayer, 2) trying to accomplish next to nothing, 3) my new plan of giving in (how do I do that thing that bloggers do when they strike something out so it has a line in the middle of it? Is that an html tag?) i mean being nice to Harvey.

In January I had a similar thing happen where I was legitimately sick for two weeks and then like lethargic and grumpy for a month following. At that time I went to visit a psychiatrist for Postpartum Depression. He ask after the ages of my children then said, "I had babies two years apart too. It's really hard, isn't it?"

I didn't move forward with any psychiatric treatment. I visited a GP the same week who diagnosed me with a sinus infection and after antibiotics I felt right as rain.

I'm wondering if there may be a new reality to my health these days. Maybe after the last 50lb pregnancy, sleeping poorly for a year, and subsistence nursing a chubby baby, maybe I'm a bit worn down physically. Maybe it just takes me a month to recover from a flu. Maybe I should (further) dial down my expectations.

Anyway, I feel this is good news and I apologize if this blog has been a little heavy lately. I know it's Friday and you expect a hair update, but my hair looks kind of bad today... I haven't maintained it all week. Oh well, i guess that's part of the update, yes? Maybe I'll post something over the weekend for the month-a-versary.


Glad you're feeling better! And hopefully your body will bounce back during the summer so that when the germs start coming back around you'll be able to fight them off a little better!! *big hugs*

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