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summer = pond

Leah, Harvey, and Zion in Walden Pond

yay pond!

The weather knows about Memorial Day Weekend, cause it was hot today. We knew just what to do.

Zion sitting in the water of Walden Pond

I think he likes it

Zion took to the water as delightedly as Harvey did (it's a striking comparison)—moreso, even, because it wasn't quite so cold. The water level was rather lower too, which is good because the beach was well packed with long-weekend revelers.

We're ready to do it again next weekend... or how about Monday?


Summer = a wonderful green design as well. Complete with chickens! I've been enjoying it and figured it was about time someone mentioned it. (Or maybe they did - I'm as bad at reading blogs as I am at keeping one.)

Thanks! You are indeed the first to mention it; maybe everyone else is just reading in the RSS.

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