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I don't follow

Yesterday I was at Luke's taking part in some communal beermaking and caught the end of the Red Sox game. Hey yeah, they're playing baseball now! I guess the Celtics are still doing their thing too, from what I here. But we have no direct experience of any of it, here in our media bubble. And thank goodness! Once you reach a certain threshold of awareness about these sorts of things you're actually obliged to start paying attention.

And it's not just sports; for the ladies, television programs (whether scripted or unscripted; I understand they're still making reality television these days) plays a similar role in cycling breathless expectation and vague disappointment. Actually, guys have to worry about both. Think how much time we once wasted on stupid shows like Heroes! But again, if you don't even know what programs are on, let alone what's popular, you have no chance of getting sucked into the vortex that is popular entertainment. In this case, ignorance truly is bliss.

Of course, it does mean we're pretty boring at social gatherings, but that was probably going to be the case anyways.


I totally want to argue about this with you, recreationally, but it will have to be in person, because any way I write it, without my jovial good natured face and hand motions comes off all douchey. That's why I'm not a blogger.

Oh, no need to argue at all: as with everything I write and say, I don't really mean it. Or at least, not too much. The whole thing is pretty hyperbolic I think.

But it's much less interesting to just write that I don't watch tv and am bad at remembering to pay attention to the Red Sox. :(

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