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birthday party report

chocolate bundt cake with three candles

with sugar on top

For his birthday party on Saturday Harvey requested a chocolate cake with no frosting. This one met with his approval, but when it came out of the oven he did ask, "What's that hole? Can we fill it up?" Besides cake he also asked for apples, bananas, and hot dogs, all of which we provided him—along with a few other things.

a table-full of food

mostly homemade... except for the chips

This year he fully understood what to expect in a birthday party—a function both of being three and of having Zion's party a little while ago for a model. He also now knows how to open presents.

Harvey tearing the paper off a big present

no, it's not a printer

That particular one was a big box of wooden blocks, which are totally awesome and also carry a significant risk of being used as bludgeoning weapons. But what really stole the show was the card from Grandma and Grandpa Bernstein, which plays music and features a spinning candle flame. The battery hasn't worn down yet, contrary to all expectations.

Harvey holding a musical birthday card with a spinning candle flame

sound and motion

This being a midsummer birthday, there was of course a swimming portion, though the weather wasn't actually that warm. That of course doesn't stop kids from trying.

Harvey and a friend in the wading pool

too cool to sit down

Everyone had a great time, including Zion who, clearly satisfied with his own party last month, evinced no jealousy at all.

Zion smiling outside on the grass

happy to be partying

He's a pretty good little brother.


Happy Birthday Harvey! We're looking forward to celebrating you tonight.

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