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James and T and Us

(most of) our guests on the Old North Bridge

T and family, at least

We spent the weekend entertaining guests from the other side of the country: James, Theresa, JR, and Tristan of James & T & Family fame. Theresa and I were good friends in college but haven't seen each other since—and Leah had never met her, nor had we met her boys. Thanks to the wonders of blogging, though, we didn't feel like we needed to do any catching up; it was straight into fun times together!

Harvey and Tristan sitting on the grass, from behind

they got along fine

It's not that we take everyone who comes here to see the historical sights; we ask them what they want to do! But it is hard to resist the allure of Revolutionary history around here. We visited the Battle Road and the Hartwell Tavern and took in a mock trial.

Tristan with his arm around JR at the colonial presentation

they're doing a play!

JR commandeered the camera for most of the expedition, which isn't so terrible because it looked like he was getting some good thoughtful pictures. I hope to see some of them in a week or so, after the epic trip is concluded.

JR taking pictures

he took more pictures than I did

Next up was the Old North Bridge, and Tristan wanted to wade right in to look for shiny rocks. He's a big fan of crystals these days, but I think he would have accepted a gold nugget too.

our visitors looking for shiny rocks in the Concord River

they're from California, so looking for gold comes naturally

Zion doesn't care about rocks except to eat them, so for him the appeal was the water itself. He refused all consolation until we undressed him and let him sit down in the river.

Zion skinny-dipping in the Concord River

splish splash

Harvey was asleep at that point, or else he would have ended up pretty wet too.

Besides the excitements pictured we also enjoyed some lunch and shopping in Concord center and ice cream treats at Bedford Farms, as well as a couple of delicious egg-filled breakfasts thanks to our once-again-fully-productive chickens. I think we were good hosts; maybe we'll be treated to another visit in ten or fifteen years!


I don't know why I didn't take any pictures of James, but you may be assured that he was there as well, as was Leah; I did take some of her but they didn't fit into the narrative.

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