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the boys with their German friends

hard to get four little ones to be photogenic at the same time

Today we had visitors from Germany. We met them here in the Boston area, of course, not being any sort of travelers ourselves, but they were short-term residents only and we soon lost them back to their homeland. However, they're back for a few weeks' visit—taking advantage of those generous European vacation policies—and we were lucky enough to hang out with them for several hours today. We planned to go to Drumlin Farm, but of course it's closed Mondays so instead we just ate a whole lot of food and hung out on the lawn. The same thing we do most days, you know, only with more interesting conversation.

You might not know this about us, but Leah and I are not actually very good at making friends. Harvey comes by his crippling shyness naturally. And yet somehow we're now blessed with friends across the country and around the world, friends who are willing to come visit us from thousands of miles away—not to mention all the great folks we know here in our own metropolitan area. It's pretty awesome, and we're so grateful, even if we do have to retreat into our shells to recover from time to time.

I figure most of our friends will probably read this at some point, so let me say: thanks guys! You're all great! Stop by any time!


I only wish I could come and visit more often!!

We do too! Although remember that we do have plans for a West Coast trip in 2018 or so. Maybe 2020.

I am also obliged to note that Leah is sometimes very good indeed at making friends: it was she who first introduced herself to the German visitors to our church, and then made sure to follow up with the to the extent of using Yelp to find an acceptable restaurant in the city at which to meet them for dinner. Don't let me sell her short!

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