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a variety of tomatoes

some variety

We've had cherry tomatoes for a couple weeks and Early Girls for a week or so, but now the whole lot of big heirlooms are starting to get ripe. And despite weeds, hornworms, and blossom-end rot it looks like we're going to get a fair number this year.

Tomatoes are probably my favorite thing to grow, thanks to a combination of high yields and tastiness; not to mention that I love the smell of the plants themselves. Every year I figure out the tomato-production process a little better. This year the innovation was staking (rather than cages) for the big tomatoes, and also proper pruning—which I finally figured out with help from a youtube video. Even us back-to-the-land types need help from modern technology from time to time.

I anticipate soon having more tomatoes than I can even give away, but for now we're enjoying every one. That big orange one went into a tabouleh salad for dinner this evening.

tablouleh, made with orange tomatoes, on a plate

from farm to table

Come by next week and take some home for your own salads or sandwiches!


I have picked 3 heirlooms. Thanks for the plants, farmer.

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