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another Sandwich

a view down the beach

our kind of beach weather

Today we took a day trip down to Sandwich, on Cape Cod, to visit some relatives of Leah's. It was great weather for a trip to a beachy destination: the chilly rainy conditions meant that the traffic wasn't nearly the problem we feared it would be.

some of the trout swimming

they're trout

Last time we made this trip Harvey very much enjoyed the fish hatchery, so we asked our hosts for a repeat performance. It was just as much fun a year and a half later—more so, even, because I managed to photograph some of the fishes and because we had one more person to thrill to the fishes' hungry splashings.

Zion looking down into the fish hatchery tanks

checking out the fishies

It was also a bit warmer—but not as much as you might have expected, given that our last visit was in April. Still, below-average temperatures never keep us from the beach, even if they do cause us to choose wading over actual swimming. Even Zion declined to immerse himself—but that might have been due to tiredness. Still, we love a beach!

Harvey, and Leah holding Zion, wading in the gray water

not quite warm enough to swim

And of course, the Barrettes gave us a great lunch—and enough after-beach snacks to make dinner unnecessary. Thanks guys... Sandwich is great!

a salt marsh landscape


Oh yeah, and I should add that while Rascal didn't come along we didn't abandon him at home: he was having a great time at Grandma and Grandpa's house, where we had to stay and play for quite some time when we stopped to pick him up. Yay for 12-hour outings!

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