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keeping busy

It never stops around here. Today we went to church, then headed to the pond for a few hours before hosting 12 people for dinner—so 16 including us. Of course, one of the guests was just a couple months old so he didn't eat much, but on the other hand Rascal polished off at least two hot dog buns and a bowl of soup, so maybe I should count him as well. He enjoys picnics, we find.

Our guests were the Stevenses and their friends (and ours!) Brent and LeAnna and family, who blog at The Wonders Of. It was a great time, and in preparation our house was clean for approximately four hours—of course, we were out for three and a half of those, but it's still got to be worth something.

Our activity level over recent days has been pretty taxing—especially on Leah, who's the one who makes sure everything happens the way it should—but I'm glad we were able to host everyone this evening. The kids, all 10 of them under 8, had a great time running around the yard and tipping each other off of the hammock, and the grown-ups got to sit and talk at least a little bit. And I really enjoy being able to offer hospitality, making a comfortable space for folks to come and hang out—even when everything isn't perfectly clean and prepared (though we did do a pretty awesome job in the hour and a half between church and the pond!).

There's more excitement planned for tomorrow, too: a trip to the big city. Will we survive? Who knows; right now Leah and I are sitting quietly in separate rooms engaging in mental recovery and preparation. It sure is hard being adventurous and popular when you're an introvert!


A little belated, but thanks for having us over for dinner. We had a great time!

Our pleasure... we did too!

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