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well worth the cost

Harvey adorned with headband and black marker

it comes together, as a look

I paid Harvey a dollar to pose for this photo. The headband alone was a good look and probably photo-worthy—and he was wearing that all day—but the matching magic marker really put the total effect into must-document territory. Just look at him: he's obviously beautiful enough to be a model, except that he doesn't like sitting still for photographs. When I first asked him today he hid under the table. Luckily he appreciates the value of money and was a very willing participant over our two-minute photo-shoot.

We were chatting about the deal with the cashier at Chip-In Farm—after I asked Harvey if he had five cents I could borrow—and she told us how she had some pictures of her younger brother that he wished had never been taken, including one with a headband. He's in high school, the age when embarrassment is one of the three main emotions for guys (along with lust and hunger I guess), but I hope that Harvey is never embarrassed by this or any of the other photos we post of him.

We put up pictures of our kids, and write about them, because we think the aspects of their personalities that those pictures and stories reveal are so amazing and wonderful that they should be shared. Yes, I can imagine a situation where Harvey grows up wishing no one had ever seen him wearing a million Mardi Gras bead necklaces, or kissing his baby brother while wearing a diaper, or even looking like an angel on the Christmas Card, but I think the world would be a better place if it let him keep thinking that all those things are totally awesome, just like he thought they were at the time. We saw a little boy in tutu the other day, over his shorts and Red Sox t-shirt, and it was a great look; I say let's have more of that kind of free-spiritedness in people of all ages instead of permitting in the young but then squashing it out in the name of conformity.

All that is to say, grown-up Harvey: I apologize in advance if you ever regret these outfits or these images, but I think you're about the coolest guy there is.


And you may make the objection that there aren't very many photos of me on this blog, and that's not fair; to which I have two replies: Harvey is better-looking than me, and if anyone out there wants to follow me around adoringly with a camera I will happily accept your offer.

Next time, see what he'll do for $500... of Monopoly money!

I don't think he gets "hundreds" yet, as a concept; he's still working on processing the fact that there are numbers bigger than ten. On the plus side, he's at an ideal age to trade him his dirty old quarter for a nice shiny penny!

is he playing the part of Ralph in Lord of the Flies?

There is a certain resemblance, yes...

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