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Lexington 300

On Saturday we headed up to Lexington for our second fair in as many weekends, this one a special event to celebrate the town of our birth's 300th anniversary. Well, sort of: the town was actually incorporated in 1713 (after being first settled in 1642), but folks want to celebrate so much that they're planning to drag the thing out from now until May of next year. And more power to em, I say! They had a big tent.

a long white tent with a tall part in the middle

kind of a "medieval encampment" feel...

Despite the gray morning the fair, part of a day of "opening events", was very well attended.

the crowd inside the rectangle of tents


It wasn't quite as interesting as Bedford Day as far as exhibitors, unfortunately. Bedford Day is awesome, sure, but for an event that presumably occurs only once every 100 years you expect a little more oomph. Nevertheless, we were entertained well enough. At noon the organizers did their best to get the entirety of the Lexington population out onto the high school football field for a photo, which meant that the tent crowd cleared out a little bit, and we took the opportunity to peruse the crafts.

a variety of quilted crafts on display

I want to make ducks like those

The lines also died down a little for the food vendors, and we picked up a few items. Harvey chose a giant M&M cookie and Leah a sandwich; Zion was satisfied with a pancake from home, which he ate with a fork.

Harvey and Zion snacking

fair food

His favorite part of the whole experience was trying to ride Mama's bicycle.

Zion astride Leah's bicycle (and the arm of a bench)

trying to skip some steps in the progression of bicycling skills

He was less enthusiastic about watching dancing and musical performances inside a hot (the sun had come out by then) and crowded tent, so after a bit of entertainment we dragged ourselves away and headed home. Good times; where is next week's fair going to be?

two British regulars from behind

colorful antagonists

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