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comment craziness!!

I was going to write a post this evening about why I drove instead of riding my bicycle today, but I got distracted by the awesome comment thread we've got going on a few posts down. Check it out if you haven't already, and add your two cents!

And maybe I'll write about cycling tomorrow, especially if I'm continuing to procrastinate over getting my Christmas presents made. The delay is getting epic!


I've got a comment all written up, but I'm trying to decide if its helpful or just flame-war fuel. You guys are great.

Well, I did it now.

you rock Luke.

I doubt the crazy ladies will be back to the blog to hear our well-reflected responses, though. It's a pity, because maybe we could convert them with our sailor-language-laden love of Christ!

Avast name-calling, you whoremongering scurvy lubbers.

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