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new year

Whenever I sit down to write a blog post I feel a bit like a fugitive penning a telegraph. "Can't talk long. I feel them behind me. I'll try to return when all this blows over."

By "this" I mean parenting. Parenting 24/7. Sure there are breaks here and there, I can fold a few towels and breathe deeply for two minutes, but if I open my computer for even a second it's like cats when you open a can of tuna. Suddenly an army of kittens is next to me screaming that they want to watch the video of Grandpa playing the guitar.

You may think that's cute, but it's never just ONE time through the video of Grandpa playing the guitar. I think I sing that song when I snore now. Ha ha, just kidding, that would imply sleeping.

But I don't want to sound like I'm bitter. My children are lovely angels, and spending time with them is a series of joyful surprises. Like yesterday when Harvey said he was the Nutcracker and I was Clara and then he rushed over to me and threw his arms around my legs in an effort to pick me up. That was awesome. Or how Zion is now cracking all kinds of jokes with his limited vocabulary, so that "Doddie nuh-nuh" (Doggie nursing) is absolutely hilarious to him right now. My days are filled with little slices of heaven such as these. More slices even, since both my children now go without naps. I really do get into enjoying it, as long as I give up all desire for autonomy or self actualization.

Do I have any New Year's resolutions? Only mutually exclusive ones. Serve more veggies. Stop stressing about how much my kids eat veggies. Dance more. Maybe get pregnant again. Put everything else off for another four years.

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