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big brothers for ten minutes

Ashley came over this week with her new baby. She was here just long enough for both my boys to fall in love.

baby love attack!

No, they're not strangling her in this photo, as much as it looks like they are.

When they first walked in I asked Harvey if he wanted to see "the little." He just stared at her and said, "Little, little" over and over again. From that moment he followed her around the house; whenever the baby was out of sight he said, "Little?" and ran to be next to her. We even took a walk with the strollers and Harvey kept craning his neck to make sure he had the little in his sights.

Zion is pretty much the baby of our family, so I expected Zion to fuss when I held the baby, and he did. But then I asked Zion if he wanted to hold her and he just LIT UP. He sat next to me and I held the baby towards him and he hugged and kissed and hugged and kissed and hugged and kissed her.

kiss kiss kiss

After Ashley left with the baby both of my boys spent some time pointing towards the door and weeping "Liiiiiittle." The next day was all about baby dolls, and after some heated mediation regarding whose baby doll was whose the boys carried their dolls around everywhere. The babies were fed when the boys were fed, got dressed when the boys got dressed, and even came along to Drumlin Farm!

Zion's version of on-demand feeding: put the baby in a milk bucket.

I have to admit, I was a little taken aback by their baby madness. One of my main reasons for delaying getting pregnant again was the feeling that my kids just aren't ready to share with yet anther love-sucker. I never anticipated they'd have a desire to nurture. I never imagined they'd WANT another baby around. It kind of makes me wish we had stuck to the schedule and that we were already four months pregnant, even though there's no part of me that actually wants to be pregnant right now. I'm not sure there's any part of me that wants to be pregnant again ever, but it's hard to get biological children any other way.

Meanwhile, my own baby is growing up fast. Here he is drinking OJ just like his older brother.


Harvey says he saw Dada do it that way. Dada blames the snake.

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