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late February

snow on the trees bright in the morning light

February morning sun

February means snow and rain, longer days and stronger sun, boys getting spring fever before its time. Plants, animals, and people here are all just almost bursting with desire to get going the business of spring.

I've always felt February vacation was kind of a waste. I heard a theory for the first time this year that it's meant to give everyone a chance to work through their various illnesses in private without further epidemics in the school buildings; more likely to allow folks who can manage it to get a summer preview in Acapulco (yes, people do still go there). I'd rather work at school through February when there's nothing else useful to do and have the week off in March or June, myself, but they rarely ask my opinion of such things.

The boys really are ready to explode outside. They're playing together really well the last few weeks—sometimes we don't need to interact with them for as long as 15 minutes! But often their play involves running around the house shouting at the top of their lungs, and optionally banging things; activities, in other words, that would be much better conducted out-of-doors. As yet it's still a bit too cold and snowy and wet for that (especially since Harvey often declines to make any clothes part of his imaginative games), but I recognize their energy and resist the urge to shush them or, alternately, to pick them up and toss them out. In just a few weeks that'll be an option!


I hear you. Running around the house full steam is always a favorite

My girls are pretty much bursting. It starts off all nice and little house in the prairie like. They are playing nice. Carla and me half-amazed congratulate each other on having such well behaved kids. It ends with Johanna screaming at Emma, Emma just screaming and us screaming at one or both of them.

What worked well last weekend was dancing. We danced to the beatles this past Sunday. Although, come to think of it, I think the only one who got truly tired was me.

Yes, a reasonable amount of dancing happens here too. Good times!

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