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This is his command: to believe in the name*

*(1 John 3:23) Yeah, I know it's a little lame to use a scriptural reference as a title if it needs citing. I was really strapped for title ideas. Oh well, on to the post.

Yesterday Zion correctly identified Jesus in a book he hasn't seen before. "Dedus!" is what it sounded like when he pointed to the man with the halo and the outstretched hand. I felt a little surprised and amazed that he's been paying attention all this time while I smothered Harvey with religious information. And also a little fearful. We can't go back now. Now that he knows about Jesus he has the ability to reject Jesus.

Though that idea (does it have a formal name?) that only those who hear the Gospel will be judged for rejecting it — well, it's kind of silly. And impossible in the information age. And not supported by Romans 1:18-20, but I'm sure there's argument within the bible if someone wants to disagree with me.

At any rate, we're here now. There's no turning back. Both my kids now recognize Jesus, I'd better not give him a bad rap.

While I'm bragging about my angelic children, here's a sampling of some of the darling things Harvey has said this week:

"Jesus lives in heaven and in my heart. I know how he do's that. There are two Jesuses... wait, no.... I don't know how he do's that."

"I need you to play with us in the living room. Right now we're playing Seedling."

Me: "Harvey, did you and Zion eat all the cookies?"
Harvey: "They were so beautiful, we had to put them in our mouthes."

"No! Mama! We were having so much fun without you!"

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