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seedling season

a few pepper seedlings in their tray

pregnant with possibilities

The snow has just about all melted off the garden, just in time for another forecast storm on Tuesday (and sub-20°F temperatures here this morning). But we're not letting winter's relentless grip stop us from thinking about summer, and seed-starting is in full swing here on the squibix farm. So far we've seen the onions and the first round of peppers emerge, and tomatoes will be following in the next couple days. Next thing you know it'll be looking like this around here again!

Of course, that's not the ultimate goal; no, what keeps us going this time of year is pictures like this one:

wide-angle view of the garden in July 2012

July's lush growth

Can you believe things are ever that green?

Besides sharing a topic that is constantly on my mind this time of year (really; just ask Leah) my motivation for this post was to get folks thinking about seedlings in case you want us to start any for you. Now's the time to start thinking about it! I wrote about it over on the farm page but I know I'm the only one ever to look at that.

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