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I will get to the Wedding news, i promise...

Yes, we are moving and yes it is tax time and yes i am swamped at work and planning a wedding, but in my order of priorities i have way more important news to report to you today:
I Squatted 300 lbs this morning!!!!!!
Last week i had only gone up to 210, and the week before i had ended at a tentative 200, because i'm very wary of machines that require you to dip to a lower starting point and then lift the heavy weight before you can decide you really screwed up and needed to set it 10lbs lower.
Well, i had alreay done three sets of squats going up to 250, but i wasn't feeling maxed out and i said, "What the heck, maybe today will be the day!" For a few weeks, i've been embarassed that i can easily press more then 300lbs on a decline, but can't crack it from a standing position (even though it's two completely different muscle groups, should not be embarassing because no body ever pays attention except me, and half of you have stopped reading this post already because you wicked don't care.)
Anyway, i said a little prayer, "God, please give me your strength and let me not brake myself on this machine." And then i did it! I squatted 300lbs not once, not twice, but 8 times!!!!! I did a little victory dance in the gym, but the other meat-heads lifting at 8am were nonpulsed.
And then, because i'm so humble, i just went to work like nothing happened.

WEDDING NEWS: (skip to here if you don't care about weight training.):
We bought dresses for the bridesmaids last night!!!!! Joanna and my mother met me at Camilla's bridal in Arlington. There was much deliberation, and the process was a bit more drawn out and stressful because halfway through our quite session the place became mobbed by a throng of foreign ladies and extended family come to see their bridesmaid dresses. (My mother turned to me and said, "I'm glad we got the couch." "Aren't you going to give up a seat for the old Grandmas?" "No, i got here first!" I pray a seat will still be reserved for people like us in God's heavenly kingdom.) Anyway, trying on this and that and making Joanna play barbie doll for us lounging couch-hogs, we decided on some very pretty pink chiffon-y dresses, to be rush ordered right away because HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY WAIT UNTIL 145 DAYS BEFORE THE WEDDING TO ORDER THE DRESSES YOU UNPREPARED DISORGANIZED SLOB!

Then the bridal consultant (alternative: sales girl) measured Joanna for her dress. "Well, your bust and hips are right in the size six range, but your waist really puts you over into the next size." Excuse me??? "Yeah, your waist is too big for a size six. You need a size 8." Okay... if that's what we need to order... "It's just that, a size six waist waist would be a this small, see here, and see how small that is [squeezing joanna around the middle with the measuring tape] that would be way too snug. Yup, your bust and hips are small, but it's your waist that really puts you over." Joanna, still smiling and Zen: Well, i just want the dress to fit. We could take it in, right? "Yes, we'll have to order the size 8 and take it in a bit, because the size 6 would fit you everywhere else but just be too small around your Waist! We'll just have to order the size 8 because your waist is just too big. It's really your waist that tips you over..."
My mouth was literally hanging open. And we were about to go out to dinner afterwards! To her credit, Joanna was completely unphased by the sales-wench's talk about her ginormous mid-section: "Well," she graciously said, "It's easier to make it smaller than bigger, and as long as the dress fits it doesn't matter what size it is."
Me, i had to walk away and cover my ears i was so embarassed for the whole situation. And Joanna was truly unphased and zen about the whole thing. "There are fatter people than us in the world." She said. "Let's go to dinner, i'm starving!!!"

Thank God it was my Boobs that put me over into the next size catagory. Otherwise it would have been claws and teeth and chiffon everywhere, foreign bridesmaids diving to get out of the way and old grannys ducking behind the couch to sheild themselves.

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