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Discovery photographs

Here are some pictures of my beautiful children enjoying their childhood at the Discovery Museum yesterday. I was probably a little harsh in my blog post last night... I do enjoy doing fun things with them. I enjoy it more when I've slept and eaten and when I'm not sick. But who doesn't enjoy life more under those circumstances? Plus Dan cleaned the kitchen and folded a tub of laundry after I went to bed, so if I'm still complaining under these circumstances I'd have to be the worst human being ever.

working on a shared masterpiece

sailing the Assabet River

Discovery has a new exhibit on wind where the kids can make foam shapes and play scarves fly in all manner of blowing things. I took so many pictures there I could practically make them a brochure.


so much fun!

This morning I took my kids on a walk to the train-tracks where they played and played, and I watched them and watched them, and I didn't feel that life was as pointless and frustrating as I did yesterday. Not having a fever and a migraine certainly helps, then. One should never discount the obvious.

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