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not plain noodles

The following is Harvey's response to the supper I set down before him this evening. (For the record, it was butternut squash pasta made by Leah, and his comments were all made without any intervening responses).


"I can't like this."

"I want just plain noodles!"

"I want sprinkling cheese on it!"

"And that other stuff."

To clarify for those of you in the audience not sufficiently versed in Harvey-language arcana, some explanations. "I can't like this" is Zion-language—like English, Harvey's speech is very susceptible to borrowings from other tongues. "Sprinkling cheese" is of course the kind of parmesan that comes in a jar with a shaker lid, and "that other stuff", as I knew perfectly well, is garlic powder (or "garlic power" as I say it every time, itself a borrowing from Harvey's early pronunciation of baby powder).

No plain noodles of course, but even after we fulfilled both his requested additions he still didn't eat the food. I restrained myself from letting him know that he'd better eat what he can get, the way things are around here lately! He tends not to eat much supper anyways. We didn't make him anything else, but he and Zion (another conscientious objector to orange pasta) were content with apple slices left over from a snack earlier.

There was a time when he would eat anything we put in front of him, but that time is not now. We don't mind though: there's no fear that he's not getting enough food! And when he doesn't eat, it's more for us. Because sorry Harvey, you don't know what you're talking about: that supper was delicious!


I'm impressed that Harvey likes garlic powder. Emma pretty much says most of the same things, except she also wants butter with her sprinkle cheese, and she doesn't want garlic.

Clearly our kids are all picking up the same language

Well sure, sprinkle cheese makes so much sense as a name! I wonder that I didn't use it myself it my youth... Actually, now that I think about it my dad called it "Farmer John cheese", because puns. Maybe that short-circuited any further thoughts I had on the subject.

And you should tell Emma that garlic powder is the best thing ever!

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