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apple picking

some Empire apples up in the tree

lots like these

We went apple picking today. Harvey had been wanting to for some time—the leaves turning brown on our newest apple tree made him particularly nervous that the season was passing us by, so he was glad that we finally got organized to go.

Zion standing on a hay bale wearing a cape and crown

dressed for the occasion

Of course, besides the apples there was also the hay maze and goats to feed.

Harvey negotiating with the machine for some goat food, with a girl looking on

sharing the fun with others

There were at least three school groups there with us, so there were plenty of other kids around. Harvey didn't mind at all, and was happy to share the project of getting the goats their food. First you buy it (he brought along his own money for the first time), then you put in on a conveyor belt and turn a wheel to send it up to the goats' platform above.

Harvey turning a steering wheel to make the conveyor move

you turn this here...

two goats eating food off the conveyor

... and these guys get food

Then it was off to the picking itself. The school groups had finished lunch by this time and headed off to the buses, so we didn't have to fight the crowds.

Mama, Zion, and Harvey walking down the path towards the apple trees

dusty orchard roads

Unfortunately, there was some fighting from Zion and he didn't actually make it to the apple picking. Maybe he was too disappointed in the lack of hayride to want to go on. So Harvey and I pushed on alone; luckily apples pick pretty fast so we didn't leave Mama to her own devices for too long and were soon on our way home with half a bushel of Empires and Jonagolds. That should satisfy the kids' apple-eating needs for a couple days at least...

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