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I didn't want to leave the house

I didn't want to leave the house this morning. I went for a walk with Leah before she left for work, and then I sort of just walked around, marvelling at the wonderous beauty of our elegant new dwelling-place. But then I had to come into the office here, to get some computering done. And also some more packing. So I thought I'd write down a little assessment of the old Arlington appartment here: the things I'll miss, and the things I won't.

Won't Miss

  • having to move the cars at least once a day.

  • shovelling out that long, skinny driveway

  • carrying groceries up the stairs

  • the badly-fitting bedroom door scraping on the floor

  • the refrigerator door swinging open after you think it's closed and slamming against the wall

  • the terribly designed kitchen cabinets

  • having to move the cars

  • the non-stick butterflies in the bathtub

  • the big pastel flowers on the wallpaper

  • the small, loud, washer and dryer

  • restrictions on when we could run the aforementioned washer and dryer, and also the dishwasher

  • sharing the house with someone who's not us

  • moving the cars

Will Miss

  • the beautiful windows, and the beautiful view
  • the front porch (up to code or not)
  • the sunny screen porch
  • living around the corner from the deli and the hardware store
  • our first house for just us, together

But never mind that last one, since the new place is a million times better! I'll need years to know everything about it, to make a comprable list of its attractions and problems; but you'll read the beginnings of that list in the next post here, I'm sure.

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