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a walk in the woods

Harvey in the marsh looking down at a stream

we found the water

Because today was cold, bitter cold, and there was so much church, we didn't do much outside. But yesterday was fine and the day stretched empty before us, so we went exploring in the woods.

We don't do it as often as we should, considering that the woods are just across the street from our house; that is, we don't bring the boys to explore enough. Leah and I are there daily, though generally not exploring particularly unless Rascal is feeling unpleasantly adventurous. Since the last time we went for a family hike was when we were in Maine, Zion thought that we should be able to walk to the water. So we tried.

Tried to find water, that is: he had nothing to do with the walking part and Leah carried him the whole way. I did coerce him into taking a few steps when we were almost at our goal, though, which he consented to because he was eager to fish.

Zion using a big reed stem to pretend to fish in the stream

fisher of muck

Of course when there's water Rascal needs to go in it, even when it's just six inches of water on top of about a foot of stinking black ooze. Even he quickly regretted his rashness when he realized the situation.

Rascal walking in the marshy pool

he can't resist water

Also of course we don't go on any adventures without food. Look at the cozy spot we found for our picnic!

sitting on fallen trees in the marsh grass, food spread around

dining en plein air

There was much more to the walk that was not marsh: most of the way is just regular woods, but there were plenty of occasions to stop and examine leaves, fallen trees, and a fire-pit filled with ashes and beer cans. Those weren't photographed not because they weren't interesting, but because we actually didn't have a camera along with us, as you can see from the lamentably poor quality of the pictures above. Except for Zion not wanting to walk it was all a joy and a delight. Next time he might have to; at the rate the weather was going today he'll be a big brother before we want to be out there for our next picnic!

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