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outing recap

It seems like all I can manage these days is posting contentless pictures. Not that that's a bad thing, necessarily: it means we've been doing things worth photographing, and also not spending too much time in front of the computer. On the other hand, I like writing. And the life of frantic and exhausted business is sometimes a hard one. But I don't let business stop me from doing fun things!

Harvey and Zion climbing up a wooded hillside with sun coming through the trees


Thursday morning the boys and I headed out to check out a garden plot we might be able to farm this summer. It looked good, but examining it took only two minutes; hardly a proper outing; so we filled out the trip with some woodsy exploring. The hard part was finding a way into the woods, but once we managed that we had a very pleasant walk of about a mile through an interesting boggy woods. The boys are starting to trust me when I say that, wherever we happen to wander, I'll be able to get us back home. They do still ask, though.

Then today we drove over to Lexington to take in some early Patriots Day festivities. The Army Old Guard reenactors were in town, and we enjoyed the show once Zion was convinced that they weren't shooting at us, nor would they come too close.

some US army reenactors firing their guns


Leah stayed home on the first occasion to talk the the midwives and confirm that Elijah is growing at a tremendous rate, and on the second to clean the house for the big party tomorrow. Despite appearances, I do have some responsibilities, and we do do some things together. But not in the last couple days!

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