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birthday long weekend

the desert spread, including a chocolate cake with a Z on it

ready for many sweet teeth

As Leah reported, we had a birthday party for Zion on Saturday. Also as Leah reported he wanted a chocolate cake, so I made him the same one Harvey had for his third birthday. It was well-received, as was the rest of the wonderful spread of food we laid out (thanks in large part to grandmas and other guests!).

Zion sitting at the little picnic table smiling at the camera


The weather was fine, and most of us denied all evidence of rain and spent most of the time outside. Grandpa got a nice chunk of LyeLye time.

Grandpa David with Elijah on his lap


When Zion got bored of playing he called for the opening of presents; while he would have been happy after the first gift, his friends made sure he got everything opened.

Zion and friends going at the presents

he had plenty of help

A new bike—and one for Harvey too—were among the loot, so the party headed outside to try them out.

Zion, Harvey, and friends headed down the road on bikes

biker gang

Eventually people had to leave, which was sad, but thanks to their late arrival Uncle Jake and Charlotte helped stretch the party out to almost seven hours, which I suppose is pretty respectable. Zion was asleep for the last chunk of that; though that was fine because he needed to recover to be ready for the rest of his birthday long weekend: supper and cupcakes and Grandma and Grandpa's Sunday evening and the zoo and ice cream on Monday. It's good to be three.

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