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Mother's Day week, an essay in pictures

When they're not explicitly asking for something, my children are often hiding from me.


When I spot them they try to run away to somewhere else. The "jungle"...

quick! run away!

Or a "pirate hideout"...

why do you seek the living among the dead?

...dragging their friends with them as fast as they can go in a giant game of keep-away which I am only sometimes playing.

time is fleeting

If I am trying to change Zion's diaper, then this is annoying. If I need some alone time then it's great! Either way, I appreciate how cute they are when I finally find them.

Zion smiling from behind a tree, holding a plastic dagger

lost boy, complete with sword

All too soon they will need me again, for supervising squelching in the water's edge.

we won't get our clothes wet, we promise

Or for providing comfort or transportation. Sometimes I wouldn't mind a little more distance.

tooooo much love!

After all, I always have one cuddler who can't get very far.

not running off... yet

Near or far, I always remain their lucky mama.

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