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some sort of growth...

Infrequently updated blogs where the author writes nothing but apologies for not having written are dead boring, so you won't get any of that.

So we have some land now: vast expanses of land, the same sort of expanses that inspired the pioneers of the American West in the 19th century, I believe. Our yard is like almost half an acre now. You know that awe that settlers felt on first beholding the great plains? Well, we've got it here. The only disadvantage is the mowing: I've already done it twice, and the second time I hand-counted the individual blades of grass; I'd tell you how many there are, but the number is so long it would stretch out the page beyond the width of your browser window (yes, even you with the gigantic flatscreen monitors!) and just generally mess with the formatting. Suffice it to say, it's more grass than I ever imagined ever having.

But there are advantages to all this land, and one of them is being able to have a garden (or indeed several gardens, were I so inclined). Now, I won't say that I can credit myself with a green thumb yet (it may just be a bit of fungus or mold I picked up) but I feel an irrisistable urge to obtain new plants and put them in the ground. And then take care of them, of course: last night I had a dream that the temperature dropped into the twenties, and I was so worried for my pea plants. Yesterday I built them a fence to climb on out of chicken wire, and then sat with them and gently helped their little tendrils onto its support. They didn't seem to appreciate the aid at the time, but I'm sure they'll be climbing right up in no time.

In any case, it's all very exciting; you may expect many more garden tales in future.

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