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fall welcome party

in the middle of the dark party, a tree lit up with Christmas lights

fairy lights

A full day of cleaning inside and out, many invitations and promotions, and planning and practicing from some awesome musicians...

32 hot dogs, 4 pizzas, a pot of chili, a pot of mac and cheese, and lots more besides...

Ira playing from the stage as guests eat and mingle on the lawn

early performance

Babies who like to be on stage and Mamas who are willing for a song or two...

Leah and her dad performing their song


A grill for the hot dogs—and for a bigger fire for warmth after supper...

in the dark, guests gather around the fire in the kettle grill

fire non-pit

A stage and illumination for great performances...

Luke, illumated by Christmas lights, plays guitar and harmonica

on the stage

And a warmer place inside for little ones!

smaller kids playing with the castle inside in the warm

warmer inside

Thanks to everyone who came out to make our fall welcome party so much fun! And don't worry if you missed it: we'll do it again next year.

a long-exposure shot of the stage and our house behind it

party central

We just need a little rest first!

Zion sleeping cuddled up on the couch

tired out

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