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We have these eggs in the kindergarten classroom, as I mentioned. Well, the first chick hatched out today, and I have to tell you, it was about the most exciting thing I ever saw. First he (or perhaps she) poked a small hole in the shell, then over the course of an hour or so he expanded it bit by bit until it was a line stretching about a third of the way around the circumference of the egg. Then, it seems, it was just a matter of pushing and stretching until the rest of the shell gave way and he was free; and he sure had a lot of motivation to push, because when he finally managed to escape I was amazed that he had ever fit into that little egg. He couldn't walk for a while after he hatched, and he was all wet and skinny-looking, but he was still a wonderful cute thing for all that. Two more of the eggs had holes in them by the end of the day, so hopefully when I get there tomorrow there'll be a couple moe little chicks running aroun to keep the first one company.

I want to have some chickens of my own some day, I've decided. I've decided again, I mean; or rather I've been reenforced in my previous decision.

So at least one of the chicks is free of the egg, and at the same time we are (finally!) free of the apartment in Arlington. Not that it was a bad place, at all, but we've been living here in Bedford for a good long while now, and having to drive back and forth several times over the past couple days to clean up there and bring the last twelve tons of our junk over, made me just want to be done with the whole business. Which now we are, it being the first of the month and all. That said, I did take the time to say goodbye to each of the rooms; after all, it was a first house together (without anyone else cluttering up the place, that is), and it saw things like our first Christmas tree and, oh, lots of other sentimental things that I won't mention now. Also our first Red Sox World Series win together.

But while all that is wonderful and will be remembered together, we're now busy working on new memories, so it's nice not to have the old ones cluttering up the place so. Now all that's cluttering up the place is all the junk I brought over here yesterday and the day before--three carloads full--but that'll be dealt with tomorrow.

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