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short Easter report

one egg up close, lots more in the background

egg day

Happy Easter everyone! We survived the day, and there were lots of fun and beautiful moments along the way. Of course, we had to start with the family photo-shoot—before anyone got too dirty or chocolate-stained.

all the Archibalds in our matching Easter finery

looking good, even if we can't all smile together

Leah totally outdid herself with the wonderful outfits, including a tie for me (though I was still jealous of Harvey's morning-coat and ascot.

When photographing our boys, there are always lots of outtakes.

Lijah in his Easter suit, his brothers moving around behind him

Lijah momentarily still

Zion mugging for the camera

keepin it silly

After breakfast it was off to church. A half an hour of egg hiding followed by a very crowded and energetic service left the boys a little sleepy.

Lijah sleeping on Leah's shoulder


Harvey leaning against a column beside the stage

to tired to worship

But the very prospect of chocolate revived the big boys at least, and they headed in to the egg hunt with a will.

Zion under a bush grabbing an egg

successful hunter

Harvey climbing the play structure to get an egg, while Zion watches

searching high and low

We took a brief calming pause in an out-of-the way part of the church to take a breath before heading home to clean up and hide more eggs. Of course the pause also involved some more candy consumption.

Zion in a quiet room at church looking at a book

the calm after the hunt

At church the kids were limited to five eggs apiece, but there weren't any restrictions like that for our afternoon egg hunt at home! Leah stuffed 130 with some great candy and toys.

Harvey on the lawn walking away from the camera

collar up against the chilly wind

There was one golden egg with a real dollar bill in it; it took some finding, but eventually Zion bore the prize away. The bigger kids were a little disappointed, but they had no shortage of loot themselves.

some of the kids (and adults) checking out their hauls

seeing what we got

So much went on, and we got to hang out with so many awesome friends, that this report should be much longer; but after all that excitement Lijah and Harvey aren't the only ones worn out. And I need my rest too: with Easter over, it's time to get geared up for gardening season!

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