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practice adventure

Harvey and Zion running in the grass beyond the parked bicycle

running free

A week from today is Patriots Day, and we plan to bike up to the parade. Today we took a practice run to make sure Harvey could do it on his own bike (it's around an 8-mile round-trip), and to check how long it would take. Of course, just like we plan to on Patriots Day we had to bring some food!

the boys eating a picnic lunch by the bikes

practice picnic

After the running and lunching we visited the Lexington library for a while—far more rich and rare than our own local library—and then climbed to the top of the belfry hill to read some of our books. On the way home we stopped, as is so often the case, to see some water.

the boys looking at a pond

the call of the waves...

I wanted to get more work done in the garden this beautiful summery day, but I confess it's awful hard to resist a bike ride, stories, and a pond.

Harvey's pink bike and my gray one leaning against a stone bench in the meadow

at rest

The Patriots Day ride and picnic is on for the morning of Monday the 20th... let us know if you want to join us!


Leah, this is for you. I was looking for a stuffed animal pattern — a cow — and ran across the pic from your blog in end January 2011 for the Babe the Blue Ox you made. If you still have that pattern, would be interested in selling it or copying it for me? I have not found one for sale.

We raise a heritage breed of cattle in Washington state — British Whites — and nobody makes a stuffed toy that looks like the BW's do. I want to make some! Thx.

Kathie Howard, Thorp, WA

I'll see you there.

Great Question! The cow pattern is by Kathy Barbro, of the etsy shop is Rumpled Quilt Skins. Here's the direct link to the pattern:

I should probably go back and update that old blog post too. I can't hog all the cow sewing for myself...

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