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just another family bike ride

Mama, Zion, Lijah, and Harvey

ready to ride

Now that we can all get out together on bicycles, the call of the open road is hard to resist. This afternoon we took off on a ride, destination unknown.

Harvey and Mama (carrying Zion and Lijah) riding on a path through the woods

family singletrack

Not that we stayed on the road long; despite all the snow and some recent rain the woodsy trails are in fine shape and even the big blue bike zipped right along. Unfortunately Harvey's been a little under the weather lately and not eating very much, so the dirt was a little too tiring. He was happier when we switched back to pavement, but dismayed again by the only big hill of the trip.

Harvey grimacing coming up a hill; Mama behind him

Harvey opens up his suitcase of courage

He made it up like a champion, though! Zion and Lijah, riding as cargo, had less to worry about, though they did have their own challenges. Zion asked the two of them could ride together in the blue bike, so he could tickle the baby—but Lijah gave as good as he got and Zion's screeches as his brother pulled his hair and dragged his helmet off his head were something to behold. After our first stop we switched Lijah to my bike.

Harvey and Mama (w/ Zion) biking by the middle school

moving right along

To keep the motivation level high we made the playground our ultimate destination: the same playground we visit so often, but not usually at the end of three miles of riding through woods and over hills. It worked, and everyone was happy. Once we got off the bikes the bigger boys were moving too fast to photograph, but Lijah is still too little to escape!

Lijah behind the tubular bell bars at the playground

musical baby jail

We're doing a bigger family ride on Saturday; let us know if you want to join us!

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