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asparagus success

the tip of an asparagus spear in the garden

springing up

We've got lots of asparagus around here. It's a wonderful thing to have in the garden: at a time of year when we're putting in lots of work for crops that we won't be able to enjoy for months, it's nice to be able to have asparagus—more asparagus than we'd ever be able to eat—available for the picking, without any effort required.

Well, I suppose we could eat it all, but we maybe don't want to. After a couple days of enjoying it for three meals a day, I've calmed down and now limit myself to two or even just a single daily helping. That means there's been some to give away. The best thing about having our own plants is that fresh-picked asparagus is delicious raw—best, in fact, when eaten in the garden immediately after picking.

We cook it some, too; Leah put a whole bunch into an egg pie the other day, and I've been enjoying it sauteed in butter alongside scrambled or fried eggs (we have lots of eggs too).

fried eggs and asparagus in the skillet

almost ready

Harvey and Zion don't like it this year, which is too bad, but Lijah is a big fan. I appreciate all the great spring nutrients it's giving him, even if I don't totally care for the partially-chewed bits he spits out in every room of the house. I suppose that's just his way of expressing his enthusiasm.

I figure we have another week or so before the plants run out of steam; stop by if you want to pick some for yourself!


This is lovely! I am really looking forward to cultivating an asparagus patch, and one day having enough to share. Our climate may be a little too warm for it, but we'll try...

You totally should! When I started mine I was groaning at how long I had to wait to harvest... but at just two or three years it's nothing to the wait for fruit trees! Cheaper, too.

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